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Flexibility and Beyond and Beyond

Flexibility and Beyond was inspired by an ongoing influx of requests from students around the world asking for a yoga program that would fit into their busy schedules while supporting the cultivation of a sustainable, daily yoga practice. We recognized the reality of so many people expressing a desire for a daily practice but unable to commit for hours at a time. We felt this call was meaningful and wanted to help support people around the globe in creating a powerful, daily yoga practice, and so Flexibility and Beyond came into being.

For us, yoga is not a form of fitness but a way of life. While yoga helps keep us flexible, strong, supple, and focused, yoga is much more about using the postures as a vehicle for inner transformation and outer accountability throughout our lives. We practice yoga daily as part of an all encompassing life practice, a practice that keeps us aligned with what’s truly important in our lives, such as our core values of compassion, integrity, growth and awareness. The postures, alignment and sequencing are important because they are the vehicles for this transformation but they are not the “end game.”

After your first round of Flexibility and Beyond is complete, our hope is that you will continue to practice daily. We structured the program in such a way that it is sustainable for the longterm without damaging your body, joints or energy level. We integrated softer practices purposefully, such as Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and the Mobility Series with the hopes that these practices will give you space for self-care as well as contemplation.

Once your initial 30-day journey is complete, you can begin another round and explore how a daily yoga practice impacts your life. This means taking a close look at how your yoga practice comes off your mat and enters your relationships, thoughts, words and actions. It’s often said that you know your yoga practice is working when you look at how the most important relationships in your life are working. There’s no question that a daily practice will help you clarify what’s working in your life and what’s not. For myself, when yoga became part of my daily ritual, my entire life changed. Yoga helped me develop not only a life I love but a life I am proud of, grounded in authenticity, truth, compassion and service. I would encourage you to take time to set a clear intention as you enter your second round and journal along the way to reflect on how each practice impacts and enlivens your day.

Over time, you can modify the program and choose your favorite practice each day. You can even create a challenge for yourself! Consider adding the classes that challenge you the most (or the classes you resist the most!) a few times each week to your rotation and see if consistent, steady practice helps reveal new levels of strength, insight or possibility. But, as always, we encourage you to integrate at least two of the softer classes weekly plus the bonus practices and food program for balance and wellbeing.

After your first round, you can continue to participate in the Flexibility and Beyond private Facebook group and help inspire others who are just starting their journey or have struggles or questions along the way. Our hope is that Flexibility and Beyond becomes more than just a 30 day journey but a community movement where together we uplift, inspire and motivate each other to sustain a yoga practice for life. If you haven’t yet join our online community, please join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1654945174798730/.

Congratulations on your journey and we cannot wait to hear what the next phase unveils for you in your life, off your mat and in our world.

In love and gratitude,

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