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How Yin Yoga Changed My Life

I discovered YIN YOGA by accident —- literally!

It was 2007. I was in downtown Los Angeles, about halfway through a crosswalk, and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw this car racing at me really fast. In an instant, my mind computed I didn’t have time to go forward, backward, to the right, left, or down.

So, what was my only option?


I jumped off the ground as fast and high as I could. As I was floating down from my Michael Jordan-inspired jump, I hit the windshield. This created a sound that ricocheted blocks away. I went flying through the air and eventually, miraculously, landed on my feet in the middle of a busy intersection in downtown Los Angeles. People rushed over to make sure that I was okay. I noticed as they helped me to the sidewalk, every time I took a step, my knee gave out. A few minutes later when the emergency personnel arrived they told me I was very lucky to survive the incident — most people either get paralyzed or, unfortunately, killed. This was a close call and I had escaped it by the skin of my teeth.

In order to heal my knee I spent many months visiting doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. The doctors were able to help somewhat, but still, I couldn’t run or jump. Sometimes walking was a struggle.

This was disheartening and depressing.

Eventually, I discovered a YIN YOGA DVD with teacher Paul Grilley, the founder of  YIN YOGA. I started doing his YIN YOGA practices, and I started feeling better and within six weeks my knee was completely healed!

Not only was it healed, but it was even better than before the injury happened. I was blown away because I’d seen all these doctors and spent thousands of dollars and by doing these slow deep floor stretches, I’d felt completely better.

Now, when you discover something that’s life-changing, what do you do?

You want to share it with as many people as possible!

So, I started to teach YIN YOGA on my retreats and teacher trainings and other people started to report back similar healing experiences. This reinforced my belief of YIN YOGA. Since then, I included it my other yoga programs, The Ultimate Yogi, Yoga 30 for 30 and went on to write a successful book on the subject, A Journey Into Yin Yoga.

To this day, I still get messages from major celebrities and athletes thanking me for introducing them to YIN YOGA.

This all happened because I’d gotten injured, and I was able to heal and repair my body through YIN YOGA. I continue to enjoy long runs through the mountains.

YIN YOGA has changed my life and I hope it will help you, too!