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Q: Can I watch the videos on my computer/tablet/phone?

Yes. Once you log in to your Flexibility & Beyond account, as long as your device has an Internet connection, you can watch the videos on your preferred device.

Q: Can I watch the videos on my television?

Yes. If you have a smartphone or Wi-Fi-connected tablet, you can log into your account and stream the video to your TV.

Apple and Samsung products have slightly different ways to stream content to your TV. See the links below: iPhone: instructions for streaming to your TV. Samsung: instructions for streaming to your TV

Q: Can I download the videos to my computer?

Yes. There is a download button with multiple size and quality options below each video.

Q: Can I download the videos to my tablet/phone?

Yes & No. You cannot download the videos *directly* to your tablet or phone, but you can download the video to your computer and then transfer it to your smart device.

Q: How do I download the videos to my desktop/tablet/phone?

You must first download the video file to your desktop or laptop computer, and then transfer the video file to your tablet.

STEP 1: To download to your computer:
• Click the Download link that appears below the video player.
• A menu will appear and you’ll see links for different quality versions of the video.
• Choose the video that works best for you.
• The video may open up in a separate window.
o Roll your mouse over the video and click on the icon with three vertical dots. You’ll see another link to Download.
o Or – Right+Click on the video to Save Video As…

STEP 2: Transfer to your tablet/phone:
• Once the files are on your desktop, you can transfer them to your phone/tablet the same way you normally share your photos or videos across your devices.

Q: Can I download the videos more than once or to multiple computers?

Yes. If you lose the videos or you’re on a different computer, you can download the videos multiple times as long as you are logged into your Flexibility & Beyond account.

Q: Do I need to download the videos immediately after I purchase the program?
No. You can download the videos immediately if that suits your needs, but you can also stream them indefinitely at flexibilityandbeyond.com. The program videos and bonus content will also be available on Inner Dimension TV for subscribers starting June 12, 2019.

If the Wi-Fi in your area is spotty or weak, however, we recommend downloading the videos so you never have connectivity issues.

Q: The videos are jittery and/or occasionally freeze. What’s wrong?
Please ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection to stream our program properly. Our video player defaults to an “Auto” setting, but this may not always detect your connection speed properly, in which case you may need to select it manually.

• Click on the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner of the video
• Select your desired quality rate
• For slower connections, we recommend 540p.

If you are still having issues, you may need to close extra browser tabs or other applications that may be using bandwidth. Lastly, be sure to disable any active VPN connections that mask your computer’s true geographic location, as this has also caused issues.

If you are in an area that has spotty Internet access, we recommend downloading the videos to your computer or tablet so you never have connectivity issues.

Q: My browser is unable to stream the videos. What’s wrong?
Our website is optimized for Google Chrome. Older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8, may not function properly with our video player.

Q: Is there a way to put the downloaded videos onto a DVD?

Yes. If you have the technological capabilities to burn media content onto a DVD, you may do so.


Q: What level is this program for?

We designed this program for ALL LEVELS. In fact, the stiffer your body the better this program is for you. Feel free to look at the class clips to understand the nature of the classes.

Q: Does this program qualify for Continuing Education Credits? 

No. At this time, it does not.

Q: How does Flexibility & Beyond compare to Travis’ 7-Day Yin Yoga Immersion course?
While many of the classes have similar sounding titles, the presentation is very different. All of the classes in Flexibility & Beyond include music by Ryan Richko, which truly enriches the experience. The classes are predominantly 60 minutes, which hits that sweet timing spot (compared to 90 minutes). And you’ll be listening to Travis talk and teach as if you were in his live class. Yogi bliss!

The Yin Yoga Immersion course was originally designed for yoga teachers planning on teaching Yin Yoga or for curious yogis who want to learn more about the science, benefits and history of yin. The program comes with a downloadable manual, educational lectures and seven thematic practices.

Q: Does Flexibility & Beyond come with a music-free option?
No. We have partnered with Ryan Richko to provide a musical soundtrack to our Yin Yoga videos. We think the music provides a richer experience to the classes and we hope you enjoy it.

Q: Will Flexibility & Beyond be available on DVD?

No. There will be no production of DVDs. Digital gives you the versatility to do the classes on your computer, tablet, smart TV or even your phone!


Q: I purchased this program but also have an Inner Dimension TV subscription? Can I receive a refund?
No. Unfortunately when you purchase Flexibility and Beyond as a standalone purchase, you receive downloadable files. Therefore, we are unable to refund you for this purchase even if you are an Inner Dimension TV subscriber.


Q: I don’t use PayPal. Can I pay with another method?
Yes. You can pay with a credit card without needing a PayPal account. When checking out, you will be given an option to use PayPal Guest Checkout, and you can pay online as you would on any other website. We do not take payments in any other form, such as by check, Venmo, etc.

Q: I received a discount code but I don’t see a place to enter it.

When you reach the first checkout page, there is a link underneath CHECKOUT that says, “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”. Type or paste the code into the box and click APPLY COUPON. Your code will automatically adjust your order.

Q: Do you have any discount codes?

Please sign up for our newsletter at flexibilityandbeyond.com to learn about any upcoming promotions, follow Travis on Instagram or like Travis Eliot on Facebook.

Q: Am I able to purchase the program as a gift?

Yes. During checkout, select “This is a gift” and enter the email address of the intended recipient. They will receive an email with instructions on how to access the program.

Q: I just purchased the program, but I haven’t been able to access the videos yet.
Your membership will be activated immediately once your payment clears with PayPal. Please be patient, as this may take up to 15 minutes.

Q: I input the wrong email address on my account. What should I do?
If you know what the typo was in your email address, you can simply log in using the email address and password that you used during the purchase process, and change the email address on your own under the account settings. If you don’t know what the incorrect email address was, we can look it up for you by your name.

Q: I want to purchase Flexibility & Beyond but I just started another yoga program. What should I do?
Flexibility & Beyond will be available for you to start when you are ready! Because it’s a one-time purchase, you don’t have to worry about a trial or subscription going to waste.

Q: Can I buy just one or two of the classes?
No. Flexibility & Beyond is not available as an à la carte purchase.

Q: Can I pay for Flexibility & Beyond using multiple credit cards?

No. You will need to purchase the program with a one-time payment.

Q: Can I purchase Flexibility & Beyond on iTunes?
No. You can only purchase Flexibility & Beyond at our official website.


Q: I’m still having issues. Can you help?
If you still have trouble, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with assistance as soon as possible.